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Kenny & Zoya

Recent Marriages - Kenny & Zoya Hey Ron & Elina,

Yeah.............Zoya and I got married Dec. 16th and life is good!! I want to thank you two for all your help. I wanted to get married and I could not have done it without your help!! I would recommend the AFA tour to anyone who truly wants to find their special person and fall in love and I already have recommended it to some of my friends.

I went back over to Odessa the beginning of November and Zoya rented us a flat for a month. It was really nice. I felt like I was becoming Ukrainian. We went to Warsaw the 10th and flew out to Tampa the 11th of December. Scott just received his interview date; it is January 13th, in a week or so. I think he probably flew over by now. He emailed me from his parents in Chicago because he forgot his pictures of Lena and wanted me to email some. So I emailed the pictures and he wrote right back that he just got his interview date. So Scott and Lena should be here soon. I can't wait to go over, b/c they just live across the state. I don't know if you know Robby Iorio, but he just left for Kiev again yesterday morning. He lives close and was over for New Years Eve when Zoya burnt all the girls' pictures I had in the fireplace!! Remember .......I was always taking pictures ?? Well, she found them and thought it would be a good way to start the New Year by burning all those pictures!!

Recent Marriages - Kenny & Zoya The pictures from the wedding turned out good...Zoya bought her dress over in Odessa, and I really liked it. We went with her best friend Katya to find a dress.

Now we just went yesterday to the INS for another round of paperwork. In three months she has to go back and interview for her work card and then she can take her work card and get her social security number.

OK you two, thanks again for all your help, and I will talk at ya later,

Kenny & Zoya

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