Recent Marriages

Tim and Lida

Recent Marriages - Tim and Lida Here is the story from Tim and Lida, they are married in Ukraine and soon will be having a second wedding ceremony in the US.

Tim, Lida, Can AFA use your pictures and your story on the Internet?? Please could you answer some questions.
Lida said no problem. See responses below.

Your age, your occupation, your marital status.
41, business owner (a land development and architecture firm and a film development company), single.

Tim, where and when you have learnt about AFA?
I first heard about AFA from a local TV news report when I was traveling in Phoenix in 1997. I then looked at your web site, found it interesting, and took my first tour, to St. Petersburg, that same year.

What made you decide to go to Ukraine?
I have been to Russia twice before and met some women there. I wanted to try Ukraine to see how the women there were different. In particular, I wanted to visit Yalta as I heard it was a nice, warm resort area.

What kind of impression did you receive from your tour?
During my tour, I started dated one woman but we did not make a great couple. I had met Lida during the socials, as she was working as an interpreter, we had again to meet soon for a date. So we did, and have been together ever since. I decided to stay beyond my tour, living with Lidia. I have now been here eight months, and now we fly home tomorrow.

How did you meet Lida? How were your relations growing? (Why did you stay in the Ukraine with her?)
See above.

Recent Marriages - Tim and Lida How do you like to be engaged to a Russian girl (are the Russian/Ukrainian girls any different from American girls)?
I have dated women from several other countries. I think there is something to learn from all cultures. For me, it is not important what particular culture a person is from, but how they are as a person, individually.

What do your parents (friends) think about your marriage?
Her father (her mother is deceased) likes me and favors our relationship. We met at the beginning of our dating and have spent much time together. He is coming to stay with us in the U.S. for four months and will be able to attend our wedding.

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