A Foreign Affair Services Testimonials

I can't keep expressing my gratitude to both of you...
...for your tireless work to make other people dreams come true. You two are a magnificent force in the introduction arena...

Thank you for everything!!! I really appreciate your business!!!
I want to say I am very happy with your service...
Thanks for doing what you do!
Thanks; this is one of the nicest messages I have ever got. This looks like "the one" for me that I would never have found if not for your service.
Your helpfulness in my life has provided me with joy that many people will never experience.
It has been nearly a year since I called you and got information of what AFA was all about...
I'm proud I found your web site.
To the wonderful people at A Foreign Affair. I tip my hat to you. You guys are great. I'm happy I used your service.
The best is the opportunity to find true love.
Dear A Foreign Affair.
Olga (1912) and I wanted to thank you for the service you are providing...
Thanks for providing an honest service and for delivering what you promise.
Just wanted to drop a short note of thanks. I have written to a total of nine ladies from your service.
I never had a higher percentage of sweet and thoughtful women write back to me from any other service.
Just a note to thank you for your tasteful and intelligent marketing and excellent service. A Foreign Affair has not made any promises to me they have not kept.
I've looked at some other "personals" sites and I've decided that yours is by far the best.
Just wanted to let you know. Have a great weekend.
I certainly endorse the aims and goals espoused by A Foreign Affair.
Dear Sirs, I would like to thank all of you at A Foreign Affair for the wonderful service and dedication that is bringing happiness to a lot of people from diverse cultures.
Your service should be commended for the job that it has done for me so far.
Thank you for your understanding, I do appreciate your service and the fine work that you are doing...
If there is one on the Internet I can recommend without any doubts then it is certainly yours!
Dear A Foreign Affair, Your service is very recommendable. A few hours after ordering the addresses I already receive them.
Thanks for all your help...
Thanks for the letter back. I found the woman of my dreams...
Thank you for helping find the woman of my dreams.
I received the address to number 1066 August 2 and on September 22 I met her in the Philippines (that's quick, huh?).
My experience with your service has been positive indeed.
Thanks for your keen interest! As for the results, I wrote eight letters and received six answers.
It has been a real pleasure using your service.
I leave on Friday February 9, 1996 for Russia so this is probably the last address I'll ask for.
I must say that the ladies on your database seem to appear more beautiful than those on other services.
I look forward to participating in your service. Since I last e-mailed I have had the chance to scan the net using over 180 search engines and scanning in over 8 countries outside of the United States.
You did what you said you do, on your site and on the phone.
It took me a while to understand that this business is generally on the up & up, and for me to seriously use it. I bought a platinum membership in December...
It is the most user-friendly and has the best features.
I saw your offer to e-mail you and tell you about your site so I thought I would.
It breaks my heart that I just can't respond to them all.
Dear all at A Foreign Affair I would like to thank your organization. Never before have I had so much mail from all over the world from so many women.
Thank you for the service provided by your company
I am pleased to share that we were married on 30 January, 2003 in Waterloo, Iowa.
I really think your service is great - customer service, response time, and gifts/products.
Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. I'm sure this made her very happy as she was so pleased with the roses you delivered.
Thanks again for a fine job
Thank you for doing a fine job with my gift for Katya. Her reaction was far better than I expected!
"It is the most beautiful bouquet of red roses I ever have seen!!"
My name is Leif, I'm living in Norrkęping, Sweden. I used your gift-service 27/9 and it was to send my gift to my fiancee Natalia.
I do not trust any other "introduction" business, but AFA.
I am so impressed with everybody at AFA that I strongly feel compelled to continue my quest to find and marry a lady from Eastern Europe.
Sylvia and I were happily married this weekend
This is a letter in support of the efforts of Gustavo Gonzalez, at the Costa Rica branch of AFA, an introduction agency that I employed...
Without your service it may never have happened
I really appreciate your prompt attention to my request, thank you so very much indeed!
Thank you also for your kind wishes for my wife and I.
That is what I want to call: "Good Service to your clients"
I was very surprised, that within a few hours everything has been solved.
She, like many of these women, are honest!
I was writing to Irina Z. from your site. I sent her a small amount of money so she could pay some of her cost.

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