Single Tour Testimonials

We had a great time.

I just wanted to thank you and AFA for all of the help and assistance you have given us. As you know four of us from the same job traveled together to the Kharkov tour. We had a great time. Three of us found someone that we are bringing home. The fourth one was going to bring one home too, but after we got home she got cold feet and backed out. I think the reality of moving to the other side of the world frightened her.
Since we have returned home there has been a lot of interest shown by other single men in the plant where we work. I expect that when the women finally get here we will get invited to a lot of cookouts. Single women with family values are so difficult to find in this part of Ky that many of the divorced men in the plant where I work have stopped dating. When asked I have been honest and told the pros and cons of my experience. I had some difficulty with a couple of the interpreters misinterpreting what I was saying but overall most of them were good. One interpreter especially was excellent. Not only was she good at interpreting but also with her personality she was able to put both parties at ease and turn the interpreting session from an interrogation into a relaxed conversation. Other men on the tour stated the same experience. The best thing she was able to do was to get the women to talk to us in the broken English that they knew. Even though they weren't fluent we were able to communicate. This surprised me because once she done this we did not need to hire her to interpret for us after the socials. I know this cost her money but she seemed genuinely happy to see couples bonding independently. All of your interpreters represent AFA and this woman is definitely a good representative for AFA. We have told the men asking about the tour about her because they were uncomfortable at trying to talk to a woman through an interpreter.
I almost decided to go with another company... then I researched the anti-scam websites and AFA received good recommendations when the others weren't. After talking to you on the phone, I felt I am a good enough judge of character, that I felt comfortable going with AFA. I am grateful that I followed my instincts and decided to do business with you.
I know you are busy but I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I will continue giving AFA a good recommendation.
Thanks again for everything.

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