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This is an opportunity for Men to find a very nice Wife

Thanks for the wonderful trip. I have some hard decisions ahead of me with 3 fine Women to somehow choose from if they choose me of course.
This is an opportunity for Men to find a very nice Wife that is due to the unique state of the world; we now have a very different situation and opportunity different from anything that has ever happened before in human history. The different dynamics of Internet, email, long distance calling, 70 years of communism and time warp, the prosperity and giving nature of Western Men, the beauty, grace, warmth, family values, intelligence and education of Eastern Women, the alcoholism, disrespect, laziness, and corruption of Eastern Men, the attitudes, materialistic values, obesity, and divorce rate with Western Women. Its only natural for Western men and Eastern Women to find each other, the best husbands and best wives in the world coming together, it is the newest form of natural selection in our rapidly changing world.

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