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Angels in the architecture...

I joined the group on Sept. 10 for the two-week trip to St. Petersburg Russia.
This trip was a fantastic experience. Some of the guys wanted to find a Russian wife, and some wanted to find a Russian girlfriend (or two) and just have fun. Either way we were not disappointed. I think two or three of the guys actually got engaged on this trip.
The parties were great, and the ratios were mind-boggling. Five or six women per guy, and the girls were young and gorgeous. We actually starting to complain that the ratio was too much to handle! (Women everywhere -- I kept thinking of the Paul Simon song about "angels in the architecture, spinning into infinity.")
The hotel was 4 star with your own room and bath, the Metro was a easy way of getting around, and the palaces of the Tars were a trip.
So, If you're thinking about going -- do it! A Foreign Affair is run by a group of very hard-working guys who want you to have the best time possible, and you will.
Because of this trip, a Russian girl is visiting me over Christmas, and I'm going back again this summer.
So, do it!
Regards---------Ben Whitehill

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