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All you expect and a lot more...

Hello guys: I was a member of the June tour to Saint Petersburg. To be honest, I was very skeptical of the statements made by your site and staff prior to the tour. But I figured why not, it would make an interesting vacation. I was wrong. Everything you stated on the site is 100% true. I fell in love with the city and the Russian people. They are much more friendly than I had expected and the women are not to be believed. They are as honest and nice as they appear. This is no game; they are like girls were here in the 50's. No pretence, no attitude, no baggage, just all girl. They love their country and family, but the men there are playboys and or drunks. So the girls are looking for a family man. I will be returning next spring to finish something I started on the June tour. I advise anyone who is considering a trip with A Foreign Affair to go. It is all you expect and a lot more.
Joe Alan

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