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...wrote well over 300 letters...

Dear John, In July of 1999 I began correspondance with Elena through A Foreign Affair She visited here in Houston on a student Visa for a few months in Feb. & March 2000, I spent three perfect weeks in St Petersburg with her in June and July, 2000. The St. Petersburg area and the people are remarkable, much more than interesting. Elena and I have developed a deep and permanent relationship via Letters, phone calls, E-Mail and visits. We actually wrote well over 300 letters. She is a consumate LADY, brilliant individual, beautiful woman, and an absolutely fabulous wife. We are married, have been for months, and consumately happy. My wife now has her permanent spousal Visa, airline tickets in her purse, bags packed, and this Thursday August 16th arrives in Houston, TX permanently to begin her new life. Elena was a professor, teaching in St Petersburg until a week ago. Under the circumstances I must request removal from this list Since December of 1997 I have used & recommended A Foreign Affair to many of my engineering associates who are currently your clients. Thanks again for bringing us together, your service far exceeded my expectations. Sincerely Yours,
John & Elena

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