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Half look like fashion models and the other half like movie stars

Dear Foreign Affair:
Thanks so much your excellent website. If it wasn't for you, I would have never met my future bride Maria. We have been corresponding for about a year now and decided to arrange for ourselves to finally meet in Moscow. Moscow is a GREAT town and I would encourage any single, red-blooded American man to visit there just to see all the GORGEOUS women. WOW! I am told that the female to male ratio there is around 5:1, and after seeing the bountiful selection of ladies, I would agree. Half look like fashion models and the other half like movie stars. Beautiful all and they take care of themselves too, unlike the women in the States. If you're tired of women who think that dressing up is wearing sweat pants and a ball cap, you'd be in for a VERY pleasant surprise. Not to mention the level of sophistication and lady-like demeanor, and not a horrible tattoo or body piercing to be seen. Just all natural feminine beauty. WOW! again. Anyway, Maria and I met in early April of 2002 for a fairy tale week together. She was all and more than I could have ever hoped for and she now wears my ring upon her delicate little finger. Believe me, if I can finally find the love of my life, it's possible for anyone. Ironically, on the way back there was a fellow returning from St. Petersburg with the same success. We toasted and laughed the whole way back. Once again, thanks to A Foreign Affair for the excellent website and all the beautiful women it has to offer.
Happily yours

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