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... a golden opportunity to practice the long lost art of romance ...

Hello John!
How are you doing? All is well here. I just wanted to again thank you for a wonderful trip and excellent service! Using your company was the best decision I have made in many years! I have started writing the book on my time there in St. Pete and, as a result, have spoken to several of the "boys" who were there. None of them have had any negative words about the trip. I hope to complete the manuscript in about 4 months and would like to send you a copy to peruse and obtain feedback. I have also, along with several of the guys, have began retrieving all necessary information to proceed with the paperwork to bring Oksana home to me and our future! I am very excited and have already spoken to her several times on the phone. We both are very much in love! I wish to thank you and your staff for dispelling the rumor and misnomers about the "mail order bride" industry. There is nothing mail order about the way in which your company performs its operations! The ladies are treated with dignity and respect and search for a better life with a decent man. There is nothing "degrading" or "belittling" about two hearts searching for love. Shame on the American media for bias and sensationalism! The hearts of intelligent, caring, and loyal women cannot be "bought and paid for". They must be won buy the gentleman. The only women I know of that can be bought by materialism are the ones presently occupying the nation we call home! This trip was a golden opportunity to practice the long lost art of romance. I have already recommended AFA to several of the men here in Idaho who search endlessly for what exists bountifully in Russia; loyal, intelligent, and sincere women! What a country! Again, thank you for all your help and understanding. As we all know, a business exists to make money, however, a sincere business can make money and provide an elevated level of personalization; AFA accomplishes both those goals! Thanks again John!
Brian W.

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