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Dear Elina and Ron,

Thanks Elina for giving me the CD of pictures at the airport. Also, for the great time I had at your two socials. Sunday night I met Julia and had a most wonderful time with her. She was so surprised during musical chairs when I ran away with her. And enjoy see her pictures with her and I. Even though she's too young; I still talk with her on the phone back her in the states. Your photographer guy really went nuts over her in her pink outfit. Also, Thanks for talking with Yulia in Kherson; she was the 20 year old blond with her mother. I didn't have the right feeling with her so I wanted you to talk with her to see what she was up to. Now she would now like to come to me and if everything works out she would consider marrying me. Wow. So fast. I talked with her because at the end of the night she didn't want to kiss me or even the next day. Later I found out she 20 years old and has never gone out with any one. She said she has 6 men in her classes and 20 girls. Just amazing. I have to go back again soon. I can't say enough of what a great job your organization did. It was so worthwhile going to see all the women and the country.

I see you and Ron and your two kids and think to myself I want the same kind of lifestyle too.

Gary F.

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