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...excellent beach, perfect climate & beautiful & friendly ladies...

Hi John, I just returned from the Cartagena tour & thought I'd write a brief letter regarding the tour. I enjoyed the Cartagena tour immensely, it was the perfect place to go, excellent beach, perfect climate & beautiful & friendly ladies. Cartagena is not the Colombia everyone is accustomed to hearing about, I would describe it as a beautiful, tropical paradise & I hope to return at least once or twice by year's end. I going to recommend your tour a couple of friends whom are interested in traveling to Colombia. My Cartagena pictures have already changed a few minds about traveling to Colombia, or at least Cartagena, all said it looks like a beautiful city, & I agree. Your AFA staff in Cartagena was great, they did an excellent job on the socials & the other excursions, Rafael & the staff made us feel very welcome. The translators were great, all were good people. I would like to mention one in particular, Roberto, I have only say good things about this translator. His english-translation abilities & people skills were second to none. He made life very easy with the language barrier between myself & the ladies. He had a good intiution & created an enviroment of dialogue with myself & the ladies. One night, after a social, he put together a "Dancing excursion" with 4-5 guys & about 10 ladies that was a definitely one of the high points of the trip. He surprised me at the airport by bringing the lady (that I plan to return to see) to see me off, I didn't expect it, but it was great. When I return, I would hope Roberto could help me once again with my visit to see Yanin. I also would like to say I appreciate AFA for their tours that allow us to meet wonderful women of other cultures & see different parts of this world. Many Thanks.

Terry L.

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