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...I have not enjoyed my self on a Holiday so much in a long time...

Hi John,
I was on your AFA Tour last year Moscow and St Petersburg, July/August 2003, I was the guy from London, England.
Well you said to let you know how things go with me and Tatiana the lady I met in Moscow, well they have gone well, Tatiana and I got married this year on the 3rd April 2004, the wedding was really great, Even managed to get Tatiana's Mum to come over from Moscow, and some of her Russian friends she met here in the UK also come to the wedding, it was a great day. All our family and friends where there it was a really great day.
I Just want to thank you guys over there in the US, for showing me such a great time, in both Moscow and St Petersburg. Meeting all those beautiful women, talking to the other guys from various parts of the world, about their experiences, sure made the experience a whole lot nicer. I have to say I have not enjoyed my self on a Holiday so much in a long time, and I even met my lovely wife there too. I have included a few pictures, of our wedding day, or you and your wife Tatiana to have a look at, hope you like them.
Warm Regards

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