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...Its almost unbelievable but true how many beautiful sexy women their are here...

(Below is a testimonial, or testimonials, written by one of our former tour clients during his plane ride home. He joined us for a 3 city tour and had the opportunity to meet literally hundreds of these beautiful women in both Russia and the Ukraine. Picture yourself on the plane ride home after such an unforgettable experience; who knows, you may be thinking some of these very same thoughts...)

Hi John

Thanks for the wonderful trip. I have some hard decisions ahead of me with three fine women to somehow choose from, if they choose me of course. I never forget that part of it ha ha. Here are some testimonials for you to use if you like. This entire process is something I strongly believe in with the way the world currently is. I believe their is more then just a element of truth in what I say.

This is an opprutunity for men to find a very nice wife that is due to the unique state of the world, we now have a very different situation and opprutunity different from anything that has ever happened before in human history. The different dynamics of internet, email, long distance calling, 70 years of communism and time warp, the prosperity and giving nature of Western men, the beauty, grace, warmth, family values, intelligence and education of Eastern women. Its only natural for Western men and Eastern women to find each other, the best husbands and best wives in the world coming together, it is the newest form of natural selection in our rapidly changing world.

The majority of the best husbands ever to be found in human history are in the Western World today. The rest of the world knows it, Eastern women certainly know it. Western women also know it, otherwise they would be seeking husbands from other parts of the world. Men now have the opporutunity to vote with their feet.

After the trip, going back to your home country will be depressing after being in a country which looks like a convention of super models.

I have been to Club med 2 times and nothing comes close to a AFA tour for having the best time of my life and it will probably change my life.

This is the only way to see a country, with the best tour guides you could ever imagine. These women literally took me by the hand to show me their great city with pride. I got to see life in the Ukraine behind the tourist attractions. Things most people do not get to see I got to experience first hand.

These women exude warmth, most are genuine but reserved. The best thing about them is they like nice guys.

Most of these women sincerely want a man whom will love them and love his family. This lucky man will most likely recieve much more then he gives.

The type of wife these women become is directly related to the type of husband the man is.

I wish all these women could find a nice husband. Unfortunately, I can only take one back with me and it will not be an easy decision.

These women attach a great deal of importance to a man's character, and if he is someone who does what he says he will.

I consistently discovered a 15 to 20 year age difference does not matter with many of these women if the man is healthy and young for his age. This was a pleasant surprize because what man would not want a younger wife. In Ukraine a 40 year old man looks about 55.

Going to the Ukraine is like getting on a space ship and going to a planet of beautiful sexy Women who have the personalities of friendly old grandmothers ha ha or Babasukas.

Its almost unbelievable but true how many beautiful sexy women their are here. But a even greater surprise is their inner beauty. A man must totally deprogram himself with respect to the personalities of attractive Western women. You must clean the slate, forget about everything you think you knew about women and be prepared to be amazed.


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