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Craigslist Women Seeking Men vs. Foreign Affair Online Marriage Agency

Today, online marriage agencies as well as dating sites have taken over the dating industry all over the world. These sites have helped men and women connect with potential partners who are located in different parts of the world. Services offered by these marriage agency sites are sought after by many in hopes of finding short-term and long-term partners. Because of the popularity of these sites, marriage agency companies and other companies offering dating services have established themselves online.

Among the many sites used by people to find foreign romantic partners are Craigslist and Foreign Affair. These online platforms offer marriage agency services but there are significant differences between these two sites.

Craigslist women seeking men


One of the most well-known American classified advertisement company is Craigslist.This platform touches different categories such as gigs, jobs, sales, and many other services. Even men seeking women and vice versa have a place in their platform.

Many people have explored the dating services in Craigslist. Although a couple have gotten lucky in finding love in this site, others experienced the opposite in their online adventures.

Personals are handled by individuals themselves

A downside of Craigslist is the fact that the men and women profiles are managed by individuals themselves and not through one major host. Since it is not under any marriage agency company, quality check cannot be conducted for these profiles. Due to this, scammers are prevalent. Those victimized by Craigslist will find it hard to seek accountability from those behind the accounts since tracing the actual person handling the profile is quite difficult.

Profiles of men and women are not verified

Users on Craigslist are not secured since the profiles or personals posted on this site are not checked nor verified. Verification is one of the most important aspects when it comes to online dating services; this is so that users can avoid getting scammed or catfished. These days, many scammers create fake profiles and use other people's photos just to achieve their personal goals.

For Craigslist, it is difficult to verify whether or not the personals or profiles are actually genuine or if the people behind it exist at all. Many have been tricked by fake profiles on Craigslist and some of them even lost money over it.

Meeting up with the person is quite risky

Meeting up with someone you met online will always be risky. You will never really know how things will turn out especially if you have not verified the background of the person you are meeting up with.

There is always a big chance of encountering scammers online. It happens quite often with Craigslist due to the fact that the site is less monitored and is open to any person who lurks in the internet.

Foreign Affair

Foreign Affair women seek men for marriage

Foreign Affair forms part of one of the most reputable foreign singles tours in the world. This marriage agency dates back to 1995. Since then, it has been considered as one of the very first international online marriage agencies catering clients from all over the world.

This marriage agency mainly focuses on beautiful and marriage-minded single foreign women who are seeking for serious relationships that gears towards marriage.

The site is managed by several professional staff who represent the women found in the personals. These hands-on staff help connect men and women from all over the world to meet in a more efficient and effective manner.

A marriage agency company serves as the main host

Foreign Affair is a specific company carrying its own specific brand name in offering its marriage agency services. The company name assures clients when it comes to security since the hostname gives security and a sense of accountability coming from the company.

The website also provides the necessary details which potential clients may want to look into. Because of this, potential clients will find it safer when they avail the offers of this marriage agency since they are aware that the personals are handled by a credible host company.

The personals and profiles are verified

Professional staff personally perform the most important task of verifying all the profiles in Foreign Affair. This guarantees that all photos and videos used in the website are authentic and consented. This confirms that the women in the pictures are exactly the same women whom clients will meet if they grab the opportunity to do so.

In this online marriage agency site, clients do not encounter problems regarding the identities of those found in the personals and profiles. Only clients who have registered with the company will have full access to its services; it cannot easily be accessed by just anyone on the internet.

The meetups are guaranteed safe and secured

With the singles Singles Vacation services offered by this marriage agency, men get to meet single foreign affair ladies in person. These meetups are secured. Foreign Affair offers tour packages which include accommodation and other arrangements , as well as social events, which serve as a place where men and women get to know each other more.

Security is guaranteed when it comes to the actual face to face meetup in this agency. The staff manages all the bookings and arrangements so that the clients would have nothing to worry about. Here, assurance is present with regards to the women whom they will meet.

When it comes to Craigslist women seeking men versus Foreign Affair, the differences can boil down to security. Foreign Affair is a company that solely focuses on marriage agency services; it goes with it that security is intentionally guaranteed. On the other hand, Craigslist is a site which caters many services online aside from its dating personals; this is one reason why it is more relaxed when it comes to security. Unfortunately, this might be a bit too risky for men searching for women and vice versa. At the end of it all, security will always be the first thing to consider.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 April, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 April, 2024
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