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5 Dating Red Flags All Men Should RUN From

A photo of a couple holding candles that are lit with lights around them While it’s important to enjoy date night, it’s also essential that you watch out for the following red flags.

When a person wants to start a new relationship or is already a part of one, date night is always important. This is when two people get together to dine, chat, and basically have fun.

Many people aren’t good at planning for their date nights, so they seek out some basic dating tips on how to come up with ideal things to do.

While there is a lot of dating advice out there, especially for new couples, it usually takes the couple themselves to determine how they can make the most out of their romantic dates.

It’s usually the man who is expected to make dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant and carry a budget for him and his date, while the woman is expected to dress elegantly. Then again, some couples agree on mixing things up where they take turns in paying the bill or simply split it.

However, among the most salient dating tips for new relationships is the one that guides people on how to spot certain red flags in a relationship, what these red flags could mean, and what one can do to deal with these red flags.

Red flags in a relationship mostly refer to the little behaviors that are indicative of whether a person is an ideal partner or not, especially when one is trying their best to find love.

As a matter of fact, there are quite a few red flags that pretty much everyone should watch out for.

Because not only will being able to spot the red flags help prevent you from wasting your time and effort on the wrong person, but you’ll also get to have a better understanding of what you truly want in a relationship.

Apparent Disinterest

Date nights are about gauging mutual interest. So if the interest doesn’t feel mutual, then it’s definitely a red flag.

If one person keeps on asking questions just so they can get to know the other, and the other isn’t reciprocating, then it simply means that they aren’t as interested.

One-Sided Conversation

Another way for a conversation to be one-sided during a date is when one party just won’t shut up. They’ll talk and talk while the person that they’re on a date with won’t be able to get a word in edgewise.

This, therefore, indicates that the person is more interested in talking about themselves rather than having a mutual and genuine conversation.

The Ex Factor

Most adults who are on a date are likely to have been in relationships before. So, in the course of a relationship, the topic of exes is bound to come at some point.

But if it does come up on one of the first few dates, and it’s all one can ever talk about, then the other party should just take note of everything that’s happening so as not to repeat the same mistake when going out with someone else in the future.

A Wandering Eye

There are times when certain staff members at a restaurant are attractive. It also can’t be denied that there are some servers who make the effort of making themselves look good so they can get bigger tips.

While it’s perfectly okay to notice and admire a server, or basically anyone for being attractive, it certainly wouldn’t make a good impression if someone who’s on a date keeps gawking at other attractive people instead of paying attention to who they’re on a date with.

Flirting with a server, or with anyone else for that matter, while on a date with someone is indeed a huge red flag. So be sure to watch out for this, especially if you’re in a public place.

Wanting in Decorum

The thing about rude people is that they sometimes have enough decorum and sense to be polite and civil only to those that they want something from, like their bosses or friends. But they won’t extend this same level of civility to those who they have no use for or see as beneath them.

If someone is rude to the staff at a restaurant but polite to their date, then chances are that they are not actually polite and are just putting on a show to advance whatever romantic agenda they have.

Conversely, if they’re polite to servers, then chances are that they’re genuinely kind-hearted and polite.

It’s best to determine if a potential partner has proper manners and decorum as early as a first date. Never forget that you can tell so much about a person in the way they treat other people.

As you well know, dating can come with a lot of pitfalls. People can sometimes fall short in terms of expectations. They can be disappointing even without meaning to be.

But the thing about going out on a date with someone is that it’s one of the best ways for you to get a good understanding of how that person is in terms of love and relationships. During your dates with them, you’ll get to know more and more about them and eventually decide for yourself if their qualities are what you’re looking for in a romantic partner.

So, as early as a first date, or any other date night for that matter, always be aware of the red flags so as to determine if the person you’re with has the same genuine intentions as you.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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