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Couple Breakup Cartoon Even a perfect love story has its ending.

From an early age, many men are encouraged not to show their emotions. This may be impossible if they've just gone through a gut wrenching breakup.

We've compiled the quickest ways men can recover and move on after a bad breakup.

Sometimes, the making of a love story isn’t as easy or fun as the movies portray. Relationship issues happen to every guy. Often uncontrollable factors can rock even the sturdiest partnerships.

When circumstances arise, do you know how to properly handle the fallout?

It’s time to move past the passive mindset that time heals all wounds. Sometimes, you need to take it upon yourself to brush the pain off and keep moving forward.

We understand that every failed love story is unique and different. Each break up requires different approaches in order to move on.

Men should know they're a major factor in their future happiness. This means in relationships, active work needs to come from men as well.

In this list, we will guide you through the essential steps you can take to let go of the breakup.

Remember: Everything you are feeling and going through is common, and like other men, you will heal and love again.

Feel all your emotions. (Seriously)

a man with hands on his face A failed love story happens, and it’s OK to feel everything. | Photo by Doğukan Şahin on Unsplash

Picture a sponge that is soaking up water. It gets heavier and even more delicate as time goes by. At some point, it can no longer hold the water and ends up in a complete mess.

Now, imagine yourself as that sponge and the water all your pent up emotions. As you hold on to feelings of sadness, anger, regret and negativity, you are effectively setting yourself up for a major, ugly, blowout.

When you do reach this point, these emotions will make you feel even more burdened.

Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are going through . Putting emotions aside can only prolong the pain and keep you further away from getting over the breakup.

It is totally fine not to be fine.

The loss of true love is hard and no one bounces right back in the blink of an eye.Keep this handy mantra with you: Let it flow. Let it out. Let it go.

Don’t stop friends and family from helping you.

back shot of a group of people facing the skyline You can still experience a beautiful love story with the ones you trust. | Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

You can release all the pent-up emotions and darker thoughts from inside by sharing them with others. But you must be sure to only share such emotions with people you trust and that truly understand your situation.

It is also important that you seek help in a respectful way. Remember, people will only be able to help if you clarify what works for you and what doesn’t.

Do you think not mentioning relationship problems and anything about love for the time being can make you feel better?

Does being out and about with friends give you a space away from the pain?

What things offer you comfort, and what only stresses you out?

Facing your emotions may not be enough to bring you to that blissful state once again.

Learn to express yourself.

Do not apologize for taking up space.

You will realize that the road to feeling good about yourself. Your relationships mainly begins with and always involves you at the center.

Never forget that description of true love.

Fight the fear.

man sitting on a high place Fear is one thing to face in every love story. | Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

Aren’t we equally amazed and envious of people who can do great things in the face of fear?

Here’s the thing: doing what scares you actually aids in the road to healing and moving forward. So you better gear up to confront those that shackle you to the pain and to the past!

Many men are simply terrified at the prospects of having more free time to themselves. This sometimes leads to excessive time stalking their ex on social media, never a good idea when trying to get over a girl.

The worst thing fear does to guys is closing their minds to possibilities.

This effectively keeps them stagnant in their discomfort zone. It feeds “what if” scenarios and unfounded doubts. However, there’s a trick to beating fear: little steps out and forward.

When you try breaking the limits of your comfort zone, fear gets smaller and smaller. When you finally reclaim that space, you will find an opportunity to grow, heal and even fall in love again.

What’s holding you back?

Is it the thought that no one will love you as much as your previous partner did?

That letting go will feel even more painful than what you are going through now?

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t be listening to now, it’s those self-limiting thoughts. Your worth will never diminish just because you broke up with your girlfriend or wife — a toxic relationship at best.

Know that you can always do better.

Forgive if it will help you grow.

a man with hands stretched out Your love story should make you grow. | Photo by Philipp Sewing on Unsplash

You may have already heard about being the bigger person. This usually involves offering forgiveness to those who have hurt you. It is truly a noble act, but only worth doing when you understand that forgiveness is to grow, not to give in to guilt.

It’s the basics of self-love — and we all know that that’s never selfish. Many will only reach the ability to forgive when they focus on themselves.

You don’t have to rush pardoning your ex-significant other. You will come to terms in your own time.

All the resentment and stress will be lifted out of your heart and ultimately allow you to move on from the past.

Nothing says better days ahead than letting go of dead weight, right?

Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

man sitting in front of a drink Your love story doesn’t have to be hard. | Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Your general mood is already somber so it is fine to lighten up from time to time. If you make a silly mistake, accept it as it is and move on.

Putting your all into the healing does not necessarily mean that you can’t have a fun time doing so. You are human and you are bound to slip — that is acceptable!

Focus on accepting yourself as you are. This will help deflect negative projections of others.

During the loss of a relationship we have invested greatly in, most guys feel unpleasant emotions.

One must realize that they are not trapped in this sinking boat forever. There are steps that can guide men through the pain until they heal.

Working back to your healthy self is not easy, but it is always worth it.

Finding New Love

Once men are healed and moving forward, the idea of finding love resurfaces.

Humans were meant to be in relationships and are tribal in nature. However, many men are afraid to jump back into the same system that previously broke their heart.

Because of this, guys may consider doing things differently than before. If you were a serial dater on popular dating apps, you may look to meet a new girlfriend more traditionally.

If you met your ex-girlfriend through your social circle, you may consider picking up that dating app and seek out new romantic connections outside of this circle.

Some men give up on domestic dating completely. With an ease of access on the internet, there are several options for men who wish to date foreign women.

Many men attribute their failed relationship to changes happening in Western dating culture. With more women seeking out educational and professional opportunities, many guys are left yearning for a more traditional girlfriend.

Foreign women in developing countries like Ukraine, Colombia, Thailand and Peru are often a good choice for these dating purposes.

There are many dating sites dedicated to matching Western men with women from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America. With local matchmaking agencies providing profiles of local women looking for good, honest men - many Westerners have begun catching flights to meet their match.

Nothing makes a guy get over a breakup quite like meeting a woman who makes them forget about your ex-girlfriend instantly.

Women from foreign countries are often more focused on fulfilling traditionally feminine roles rather than competing with their boyfriends professionally. Traditional gender roles found in developing countries have maintained a feminine mindset in women, though they may have expanded the masculine mentality of their male counterparts.

Because of macho cultures in many foreign countries, women abroad are looking for a masculine man to a degree that he can still be a tender, loving, loyal husband and father to their children.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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