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5 Things to KEEP Private in Healthy Relationships

A photo of a couple hugging with the ocean in the background A healthy relationship can have secrets. | Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash

We are all connected in some way as we are able to communicate with anyone across the globe whenever we want.

And this is usually through the ever reliable social media.

This is where we get our daily news, catch up on the latest trends, and communicate with the people we love across international borders.

We also get to share and receive information at almost lightning speed, and the world has been made fun and interesting, if not better, for it.

However, as with anything that’s being done too much, there can be downsides to the things we share, post, and tweet — most especially if it’s about our own personal romantic relationship.

Have you ever heard of the term “TMI”? As in “too much information”?

These are times when one particular topic concerning your own love story could have been better kept under wraps and not out in the open for everyone to know about.

Sometimes, it only needs one seemingly harmless comment to be the root of your relationship issues, or the reason for an unfortunate breakup.

While this truth may be scary for some, it must be kept in mind as such comments end relationships all the time.

And that is why we have come up with relationship advice for couples who might be falling victim to this unhealthy habit — to list down the details in your partnership that should be kept between yourselves.

Read on to see if you have been sharing certain information about your love story that should have been kept private.

Something your partner told you in confidence.

Sharing this particular detail to the world, or even just with one other person, is downright rude.

There is a reason your partner opened up to you, and to disrespect that is the same as breaking their love, confidence, and trust in you.

We all know that trust and security are essential foundations of healthy relationships.

As long as you are not putting yourself or anyone else at risk, keep whatever was said in confidence, in total confidence.

Whether it was something you consider not that big of a deal or some skeletons from your partner’s closet, never divulge them to another party as if they were your own secrets and concern.

The fight you just had

A photo of a woman and man talking while sitting outside Even a healthy relationship can be mired with money issues. | Photo by Yolanda Sun on Unsplash

It is perfectly healthy to express your emotions whenever you are in stress. But, you should not resort to publicizing the rundown of the whole scene.

Your relationship problems should not be cases for other people to handle, but you and your partner’s alone.

How else would you learn to weather issues if you confide in others instead of sitting down and talking it out with your partner?

Your partner may view the help as a judgment of their actions and position in your life.

Things will just get more complicated.

More importantly, if you cannot find a solution between just the two of you, try couples counseling with a trained professional who can help you better than any well-meaning comment from some random person on the internet.

Your financial troubles

No relationship is ever free from these kinds of issues, whether a couple has been married for years or if they just got hitched — and that’s totally understandable.

Financial matters are very delicate to manage.

Your partner’s financial mistakes should never be a topic of discussion with outside parties.

There is enough stress and anxiety regarding this topic. It is only kind to be private and sensitive towards your partner.

Money, however unfortunate, can sometimes be a major deal breaker in any relationship, so it's better not to cross that line and go public.

Sharing Details About Your Sex Life

A photo of a woman and man sitting down while having coffee A healthy relationship knows how to hold back on sharing intimate details. | Photo by Pasha Chusovitin on Unsplash

You may be a perfect, compatible partner in a relationship where everything seems to be working right for you. This likely includes the intimate parts of your love life. That does not mean that you should let everyone you know be aware about your sex life.

They are called private matters for a reason.

Remember that different people have different levels of comfort regarding public display of affection, but you should also consider how you are creating an opening for someone else to be your partner’s confidant about these things.

No one else outside your relationship needs to know the very details of your bedroom escapades.

And if it’s issues that you are airing out in the open, choose to discuss it with your partner first before sharing it with anybody else.

Kiss-and-tell has become less popular in our society.

If Cheating Happens

No matter how rampant the call-out culture is nowadays, try to keep this dirty linen away from the public hangline.

Involve only the few people you trust to help you out.

Infidelity is a painful experience, and it can get uglier with more other hands in the mix.

Whatever decision you may end up with, make sure it is yours and not someone else’s two cents — especially if they do not know the nitty gritty of your entire story.

You are the one who has to live with the choices you make, so give it some heavy thinking without other people’s take.

Sharing this issue to the world runs the risk of destroying you and your partner’s reputation. This may impact people’s views of you whether or not you choose to stay together and go out to try and meet someone new.

It is best to address these types of issues with a professional.

Be Careful About What You Share

Of course, we enjoy celebrating our love for our partner and the happy moments we’ve shared with them.

Everyone is guilty of that.

But you must also keep in mind that there are other things better left not being shared, posted, or gossiped about, especially if they are unhealthy details that could derail your relationship.

Not everything has to be known by others to confirm you are reaching your relationship goals.

Take this relationship advice to heart, communicate candidly and properly with your partner, and we are sure that you’ll be well on your way to a happy love story worth cherishing for life.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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