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Romantic Phrases Men MUST Learn | Dating Foreign Women

A woman reading a letter filled with words of true love. Let your feelings be known. Express your true love through words of romance.
Ti amo. 
Je t’aime. 
Ich liebe dich.
Seni seviyorum. 
愛してる [Aishiteru]

Pretty sweet and interesting. Yes, that is how you say ‘I love you’ in different languages. Three simple words, yet beyond meaningful when said. Three simple words, yet so many feelings involved when uttered.

These magical words may seem to lift you up, especially hearing it from someone you truly care about, or someone you consider your true love. Of course, dating foreign women would bring out the best communicator in you. You see, communicating in a relationship is not only limited to saying ‘I love you’.

It is even more meaningful for you to declare your purest love and intentions with the sweetest and romantic phrases you could ever muster. Falling in love makes you experience a roller coaster of emotions. You may tend to feel almost all of these at the same time, and that is one of the things that makes a love story even more fruitful.

Funny to think how on some random days you find yourself browsing through some romantic words and phrases online. When you start a relationship, whether online or in person, it is only expected of you to communicate whenever you can.

Although it is not necessary to talk with the woman you’re interested in most of the time, as you also need to give both yourselves time from each other, it is vital to express your love at all times you can. That is why knowing a few love quotes for your foreign lady would certainly come in handy.

If you’re looking for some sweet love quotes for your girlfriend or wife, then take a look at some of these romantic phrases that you can use when you wish to put your feelings into words:

  1. When you appreciate her.
  2. If you find yourself totally in love with a woman, you’ll realize that you appreciate having her in all ways you could think of. Being happy, content, and thankful for having her as your partner would be a blessing that you would want her to know about.

    Truly, there are many romantic phrases for her to know how much you appreciate having her around. So be sure to say it in these ways:

    “You could have chosen another man instead of me, but I want you to know that I am the luckiest for having been chosen by you.”

    “You have no idea that I have been a better man ever since you became mine and I yours, and I know no one could have done a better job.”

    “There are no words to express how beautiful you are in my eyes.”

    “There is no greater joy than having to wake up and knowing that I will always have you in all my days.”

    “As the days and years go by, beauty is something that will never leave you. The gray hairs above your lovely face and the wrinkles that caress it are surely a sight for me to behold.”

  3. Imagining the future with her.
  4. One way to know how sure you are about a person is when you get to picture a future with them in it, or if you have an end goal with them in mind. Planning how you would want your life to be that includes your lady shows just how much you would love to face the future together with her.

    Although it does not necessarily guarantee that everything between the two of you is going to be perfect, imagining the future with her is a good way to show how much you care about her and the relationship that the two of you have.

    If you would much love to say it, then you can use these words:

    “My past has become a blur and my present has been brighter. For one thing, I can see that my future with you is as clear as ever.”

    “I could not fathom the idea of not having you in my life, and much more the idea of a future without you.”

    “Having you now has been truly wonderful, and to have you in the future, surely I could not ask for more.”

    “I have found someone. The day I met you, I knew I had found the one.”

    “Seeing you in my dreams would want me to wake up from my sleep, for I know that seeing you in reality is far better than any dream.”

  5. Meeting her.
  6. Meeting a woman online and having to date and maintain a relationship with her is something that cannot be achieved overnight. It is similar to making wine. You would have to give a lot of effort for you to indulge in its sweetness.

    Gifts, presents, surprises, and special celebrations -- surely these are what you would often do to show your love to someone. However, women do not want only tangible items for they would always want something that they will never forget.

    Women, in nature, are sweet and lovable. Most times, you will get to meet sincere lovers who are very much willing to put things at stake to be with you. In exchange, they only want to be loved.

    Love is not only shown in extravagant and precious items, but also in words that come from the heart. For those of you who feel sure about meeting your special woman for the first time, here are some words you can use:

    “Everything changed when I first met you, from my heartbeat and the emotions I felt down to the future I already planned with you.”

    “You captured everything in me when you first walked through that door. You even captured my heart, which is the window to my being.”

    “If I could turn back time, I would go back to the day before I met you, for I would truly love to personally come to you.”

Say It From the Heart

It does not need to be Valentine’s Day or an anniversary to say sweet things to your special lady. You do not always need a reason to say something romantic to her. You see, even in the most random times, there is no reason you can’t utter these words to show your love and affection.

The most meaningful messages come when you least expect them, so be sure to keep these words in mind when you start dating beautiful foreign women.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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