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Spending Valentine’s Day in Russia

A couple happily celebrating Valentine’s Day. Make her day special! Spend Valentine’s Day paying tribute to the love she gives in your relationship.

Almost everybody loves the day of hearts. As it is the time of year to honor the people you love and the relationship that you share, it is one of the holidays most looked forward to by many. Are you one of those? One of the interesting facts about Russia is that most people do not know about the celebration of Valentine's Day in Russia.

In the calendar of Russian celebrations and traditions, Valentine’s Day happens on March 8th and specifically for Russian women. Pretty unique, isn’t it? Saying that they are distinctive would truly be an understatement.

You may have been used to feeling the love on February 14th but you see, Russians celebrate it differently than the rest of the world.

The truth about Valentine’s Day in Russia being celebrated on the 8th of March which happens to be International Women’s Day at the same time is to solely pay tribute to women and their valor.

Do you want to know how true love feels and what it is like to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a cold Russian winter day? For starters, giving gifts is a basic thing to do. Flowers are common when it comes to celebrating the day of hearts and may usually come in red and pink colors.

Other gifts that would be well-received are a box of chocolates or tasty candies. Surely, that would make her feel the sweetness of your heart, wouldn’t it?

For ladies who have a preference for the less material and tangible things, preparing a candlelit dinner and cooking some of the dishes she likes best would be the perfect way to show your appreciation towards her.

Valentine’s Day from Miles Away

If you happen to meet your Russian woman online and your world centers around international dating, fate can still be your friend. Being miles away from her is not a hindrance to being the right Valentine for her. So, how?

Pour your love and thoughts out through a romantic Valentine’s card personally made by you. Engrave your heart and soul in every message that you want to say. With this, you will definitely melt her heart away with the purest sincerity you’ve got.

Make it more special by giving a heart shaped card with a photo of you two together and it will absolutely move her in a way you will never know. Drop in a few romantic phrases in the Russian language if you can and this will become the perfect gift she will never forget.

One piece of love advice you have to remember which works almost all the time is to communicate effectively. Whether you may be together or apart, nothing beats a man who gives his full attention to the woman who owns his heart. Never fail to make her feel special in every way that you can, be it big or small.

This Valentine’s Day, hype up and let love be in the cold Russian air! Strengthen your love and relationship with your Russian woman and make your day spending Valentine’s Day in Russia a memorable one!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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