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Why It’s Fun to Spend Valentine’s Day with Foreign Women

A man spending a romantic day with a foreign woman. Do you have no idea what to do on Valentine’s Day? Try spending a romantic day with a foreign woman!

Like in North America, many countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in one form or another. It’s globally known as the most romantic day of the year and one of the most over-commercialized holidays of February.

Romantic dates are traditionally set on Valentine’s Day. Couples go watch a movie, give gifts, and have a fancy dinner. Don’t forget dancing.

But did you know that the truth about Valentine’s Day is one of murder and a bit muddled?

According to the original story, Roman Emperor Claudius II during the 3rd century AD outlawed marriage for young men in the hopes of creating stronger soldiers. Valentine was a priest who thought differently and officiated the wedding of soldiers.

When the emperor found out, he put the man to death, making Valentine a martyr for love.

Eventually, the tradition made its way to the New World and it’s been celebrated to this very day.

You might expect to practice similar Valentine’s Day traditions like spending money on chocolates and flowers, and yes, most countries do practice similar traditions. Only on the surface though. Some countries also have their own unique traditions and celebrations on Valentine’s Day.

One thing is for certain, spending Valentine’s Day with foreign women makes it much more interesting.

A breath of fresh air

Unlike western women who often compete with men, women from different countries can offer things in relationships that single men can’t find in their own country.

For instance, they treat western men with respect and in return these men are grateful for what foreign women can bring into the relationship.

Unfortunately, a lot of western women have exceptionally high standards. Aside from being focused on their careers and being highly independent, they also expect their partners to have the same opportunities - if not better than them.

With all these demands, it’s tough for an average joe to satisfy a modern day western woman. He simply can’t compete with those kinds of demands. That’s why a few lonely joes decide to seek love elsewhere.

By dating foreign women, these men end up having happier lives. The stress and expectations to support their partner are more low-key.

Foreign women don’t ask too much from their partners, with the exception of being able to provide and support the family financially. Nor do some of them demand too much when it comes to satisfying their own personal lifestyle.

But as always, make sure to communicate properly with your partner so both of you are on the same page.

Attractive appearances

It’s hard to deny that one of the reasons you want to spend time with a woman is her appearance. According to an article from Psychology Today, physical attraction plays an important part when choosing a mate.

It serves as a gatekeeper to direct us towards potential mates who are healthy, age-appropriate, and able to produce healthy offspring. We do it on an unconscious level despite us believing we choose our mates based on their personalities.

Additionally, the longer you and your partner know each other, the attraction between you naturally grows and deepens. Physical attractiveness becomes less important and may no longer be essential in maintaining a long-term relationship.

There’s also a saying that if you want to know how a woman looks when she gets older, just look at her mother. That will tell you all you need to know.

Passionate and loving

According to an article posted by Verywell Mind, there are two types of romantic love: compassionate and passionate.

Compassionate love refers to feelings of mutual respect, trust, and affection, while passionate love involves intense feelings and sexual attraction.

With foreign women, the love they feel for their partner may be different compared to the love they feel years later into the relationship, but one thing is certain for most of them, and that’s loyalty.

While most western women are used to changing partners, many foreign women traditionally prefer to stick to one lifetime partner, if they can help it. It helps if you’ve managed to secure a will so she can also enjoy the rest of her life retired until old age.

A lot of men find this kind of trait attractive in foreign women. In a digital age where cheating is almost easy and has serious implications, finding a loyal woman who can stay true to her partner and is passionately in love is usually rare.

If you find a woman from abroad who exhibits these qualities, then consider yourself lucky. Don’t throw away the chance of a happy relationship for a quick fling.

There are a lot of reasons why you should try dating foreign women

A man attending a social to try his luck in dating foreign women. There are a lot of opportunities for you when it comes to dating foreign women. So grab the chance and try your luck in finding love.

If you’ve dated foreign women or are interested in dating one, then you probably heard a lot of good things about them. For one thing, most of them don’t treat men as a competition or rival - which is like a breath of fresh air for some men.

Second, most of them embrace traditional gender roles. That means you’re the provider of the family and they’re the ones who raise the children and support you when you need it.

Although there are exceptions such as highly-educated foreign women or migrant foreigners who were raised in North America, most foreign ladies are used to being the second in command in the family.

Third, most of them consider family to be very important. Brought up by traditional family values, they also want to have their own family one day and pass down their family teachings to their future children.

Lastly, they value relationships and sincerely want to have a genuine connection with a lifetime partner. Despite the negative stereotypes saying foreign women are opportunistic gold-diggers, there are also a lot of foreign women looking for a real connection.

If you’re looking to date beautiful and sincere single foreign women, check out our Foreign Singles Tours where you can travel abroad and meet attractive singles who are also looking for love.

Because who said you can only date women in your own country? Give yourself a chance to find new love prospects abroad. Who knows, the results may surprise you.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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