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The Foreign Affair Guide to Colombia Dating for Men

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The 21st century has, statistically speaking, been a mixed bag for marriage in the United States. While the divorce rates have steadily fallen, meaning that more people who do get married stay married, the marriage rate has also fallen.

Not everyone who participates in this downward trend of marriage in the United States is doing so because they want to. There are plenty of single men who’d like to get married.

They just can’t find someone to marry. Either they don’t want to marry the women around them or it’s the other way around.These men can’t even land a date, let alone a marriage.

If this has been your experience, what can you do? One of the countries Foreign Affair has been helping men find love in is Colombia. Not only is it home to beautiful and passionate women, many of them are serious about being in a long-term relationship as well. Not convinced? Read up here on why a man like yourself should date Colombian women.

So where do you begin your Colombian dating journey? Do you start by randomly buying a ticket and winging your way through? Or would you, like thousands of men over more than two decades, let Foreign Affair help you find your soulmate?

What Foreign Affair Colombia Is

You’re wondering how the whole thing works. How is a guy supposed to take a plane to a foreign country to meet women and then marry one of them if he can’t even get a date in his own backyard?

And you might even wonder if our service is legit and what makes it stand apart from any other dating site. Maybe you’ve been to a few dating sites that asserted they do what we do, but they took your money and all you got for it in return was an email inbox flooded with spam.

The world is full of dating apps, coaches, and companies. Few are true international matchmaking companies that combine the best online and offline services and ensure that you can meet and date your soulmate no matter the distance or where she comes from. That is Foreign Affair.

Years of Experience

Well, if you took all of our years of experience and transplanted it to a human being, that person would be old enough to drink, vote, rent a car, and could even get married without raising too many eyebrows. In all that time, we’ve put together a lot of couples who went on to walk down the aisle. That is a success record of over 25 years and counting.

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How Foreign Affair Colombia Works

Now you want to know what the process is and how it works. You know about signing up and scrolling through profiles and all that -- you’re not completely in the dark about online dating, after all. What you do want to know is how international dating works, how it is that two people from different countries can come together and build their lives around each other.

Translation Services

Well, for starters, we’ve got translation services to help you with communicating with any woman that you match with. If you’re trying to date a Colombian woman, for example, and you don’t speak a word of Spanish outside of the names of food you order, we can help you with that.

But translating English to Spanish and vice-versa isn’t all that we do. We can also take you on a singles vacation so that you can meet some of the women behind the profiles.

Tours to Colombia

When it comes to our singles vacation, you’ve got two options.

The first option is that you can take a group tour. The group tour is a package that comes with hotel accommodations, breakfast at said hotel everyday, airport pickup, and guidance from local staff.

But the crowning jewels of the group tour are the Socials. These are fully-catered events where the group of men on the tour gets to meet and party with some of the women who’ve signed up with us. What’s more, there are unlimited personal introductions to the women.

If our group tour schedule doesn’t work for you, you can always take an individual tour. The individual tour includes airport pickup and up to 3 1-on-1 introductions at our local office.

You’ll also get the first pick of any new women who sign up for service by browsing new profiles at our local office. Our local office will also suggest restaurants and cafes to go on dates.

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How Foreign Affair Colombia Keeps Couples Together

Okay, now you know how Foreign Affair gets couples together. But what do we do to make sure that they make it all the way down the aisle?

It’s one thing for two people to make phone calls, exchange emails, and go on a few dates. It’s another thing for the two of them to legally bind themselves to one another in holy matrimony.

But here’s the thing: when an American citizen wants to legally bind themselves to a foreigner, they draw the attention of the American government.

It’s not unheard of for foreigners and citizens to enter transactional arrangements to get the foreigner a green card, so the government is pretty vigilant about that sort of thing.

So there’s a good amount of paperwork involved for an American citizen marrying a foreigner. Well, we can help you with that paperwork and make it a lot easier for you to bring your new lady home.

You Can Connect With and Meet Women Today

Now you know what our process is. You have the gist of what we do and how we do it. Now you have to decide if you want to participate.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll find your soulmate among foreign women on our site. No matchmaker or algorithm can guarantee that. Two people may make sense on paper but they could lack chemistry in real life. We can guarantee, however, that you’re more likely to find your soulmate with us than without us.

Don’t delay meeting her any longer. Register with us for free and you can immediately connect with the thousands of profiles in our network.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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